Client Testimonials

Luigi Demunnik,
Manager at International Non-Profit Organization

I have been practicing various martial arts for the majority of my life. With Phyt Condition, I'm able to combine a total work-out regimen with a super demanding job. Despite training only 3 hours a week, I get the maximum effect out of every single session because Jonas adapts my training to fit my personal needs and goals.

What sets Jonas Serrano and all other Phyt Condition personal trainers apart is their dedication to their own physical fitness - too often I have seen personal trainers telling other people what to do, while they themselves look like they could use some exercise. Not so with Phyt Condition trainers! One look at them and you'll know that it's not just merely sports for them - health & fitness is their life.

I would recommend anyone to workout with Phyt Condition trainers, especially if you're overloaded on your job.

Reema Shah,
Executive Assistant, Khronos

In a nutshell, my training at Phyt Condition has led me to gain a realistic understanding and awareness of who I am and how I function: mind, body, and spirit. Before training with Phyt Condition, I walked through the motions of any exercise routine at a level that I was comfortable with. I also ate more, believing that I was actually working, and the result was my inability to lose unwanted weight.

I now have a thorough understanding of concepts learned from Phyt Condition and know that I have to work hard to achieve results and that proper nutrition is an absolute must to achieving my fitness goals.

Phyt Condition member & proud of it!

Hugh Dugan,
US Diplomat, UN

I was on a slow trolley to Geezerville before I met Jonas Serrano and got with the Phyt program. Now I'm outrunning the bus and chasing sports cars.

Training at Phyt Condition is the best part of my day. Jonas knows my goals and we work toward them as a team. The results tell the whole story - I'm stronger, more productive throughout my day, and am on a plan for a long and healthy life.

Phyt! Phyt! Hooray!!

Michele Brenner,
Business Owner, Chicktivity

I have always been an active person, from competitive equestrian to ballet and jazz dance along with various gym memberships. However, it wasn't until I started training with Jonas Serrano that I realized how far I could push my conditioning and muscular definition. Jonas is a master of his craft. It's as if he understands my body better than me and with this knowledge he is able to take me to fitness levels that I never thought possible. People are also very impressed with the way my body has transformed. Training with Jonas is an empowering experience. I am totally hooked and have come to realize that this is now a lifelong commitment. Be prepared – the workouts are intense and highly personalized so there's no hiding, but if you want to stay motivated and see great results, Phyt Condition is the only place to train.

Petra Peters,
Business Owner

I have been training with Jonas Serrano for almost two years. Jonas is the best trainer I ever had because he has an in-depth understanding of my physical condition and customizes his training techniques to what is especially right for me. I would never be able to train the way he trains with me on my own. He has a long term goal and gradually builds up to it over time. I am today in a much stronger physical condition and better health than I was before, and I, therefore, consider my investment in training with Jonas as an investment in my health. Jonas has high expectations and training with him will always be a challenge. “You are nowhere near where you should be” is what I hear from him from time to time. But on the bright side, when I try hard, I do earn compliments too. Jonas takes great pride in his work and this reflects on his clients.

Ilan Stern,

I started going to Phyt Condition two years ago because I was tired of being out of shape. What I discovered was a new way to approach total body conditioning and fitness that far surpassed what I could have hoped for. The trainers really care about your personal development and the training itself is second to none. Jonas has put together a program that is unmatched in its effectiveness and he is a master motivator. I would highly recommend Phyt Condition for anyone looking to take fitness seriously.

Lauren Halpern,
Human Resources Professional, IBM

Jonas is like the motivational angel sitting on my shoulder. Whenever I'm tired or don't feel like working out, I always hear his voice encouraging me. Even when I don't have a training session scheduled, I know that going to the gym on my own will make my next session that much better. I know that Jonas puts more that 100% into every training session that we have and it makes me want to do the same.

When I started working out with Jonas, I had a weak lower back and was not able to complete all regular ab exercises, like crunches or sit ups. Jonas did research on alternative ab exercises and we tried a lot of things until we found something that worked. Now I am able to do any type of crunch, sit up or leg lift that I couldn't even attempt in the past. He helped me to work around my weakness until it was no longer an obstacle.

Jonas is very skilled at assessing the needs of his clients and tailoring the style of his training to fit those needs. His dedication does not end with each training session. He is constantly thinking of new exercises, activities, and ways to help his clients to be better. He is not complacent with just being good at what he does. His sessions are continually changing and incorporating new and interesting techniques. He truly wants his clients to be the best that they can be and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Rohit Gupta,
Analyst RBS

Before working out with Jonas, I thought I knew how to have a good workout. However, Jonas Serrano has finally taught me what a great workout is. The intensity of his workouts will get allow you to achieve the results you desire fast. His workouts are tailored to you to specifically target shortcomings and maintain overall stamina, flexibility, and strength. No two workouts are the same. I'm extremely happy with what Jonas has taught me and I look forward to continuing to push my body to the limit under his direction.

Anibal Lopez,
Sales & Research Associate, AP Archive

Jonas and his trainers are great and they really want me to succeed. They push me hard and I always feel that I'm getting the most from my workouts. When I started working out a few months ago, I tried Muay Thai kickboxing for the first time with Jonas. He and his trainers were very patient with me and made me feel at ease. They take the time to make sure I understand all the moves and that I am doing them correctly. I always leave my sessions feeling better than when I started. Thanks to Jonas and his support, I've quickly regained my motivation for working out.

Richard Wynne,
Assistant Vice President

I've had many trainers in the past but Jonas is by far the best. During each training session he is completely focused on maximizing my workout. He listens to what I want to accomplish and tailors my sessions to fit my needs.

Elana Marguiles,
Hedge Fund writer for London-based Pageant Media

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Jonas has been one of the most positive influences in my life the past few years. Before training with him, I never thought I would be able to run more than 30 minutes at a time. However, he made me realize I can do anything I put my mind to and therefore, I conjured up enough strength to sign up for the Manhattan Half-Marathon (13.1 miles). After completing that race, along with other half-marathons and shorter races throughout the New York City boroughs, he inspired me to run my first marathon (26.2 miles), something I never envisioned doing.

Jonas is genuinely passionate about what he does and it's evident during the sessions, as he truly wants the best for all of his clients. He is the number one personal trainer in New York City and I always look forward to working out with him.

Shanny Besar,
US Correspondent, Financial News

When I first started training with Jonas I couldn't complete a full push up and in a recent session I finished 50 as part of the warm-up. He has made me a lot stronger and more fit, but more impressively, has managed to teach me Muay Thai, a martial art, despite my complete lack of coordination. He knows when to take things more slowly while teaching new things but also when to push you into doing things you think you can't do. He inspires me to always try to do my best and this spills over into many other areas of my life. I now eat much more healthily and drink a lot less as I don't want to negatively impact my training. I exercise to keep fit rather than to lose weight but we work hard enough that I have to regularly buy smaller clothes. My life wouldn't be the same without him.

Carol Goodman,
Legal Assistant

I've been training with Jonas Serrano for several years and consider him to be a top-notch trainer. It's amazing to find that each year I am getting stronger. Jonas maximizes and adapts every training session to benefit each client. Whenever I have suffered an injury or have aches or pains he works around them and knows what exercises to avoid and which ones will help me to recover quickly. One time he even offered to and did speak to my physician in order to clarify instructions I had been given about exercises I should avoid.

Jonas is a completely dedicated trainer who shows great concern for his clients and takes pride in the progress and physical achievements they attain. He is truly one-of-a-kind and I and his other clients love him for it.

Keith Locascio,
Account Executive, WB Mason Co

Before my first workout with Jonas I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I had seen him training people at the gym and I thought to myself, “I need to train with this guy!” After my first workout I lay on a bench in the locker room paralyzed for an hour. In the following weeks I saw my body transform from what I thought was a fit body, to a lean, ripped, workout machine addicted to the Phyt way of training and conditioning. I have now been with Phyt Condition for 1 year and I cannot go one week without training with Jonas. I am in the best shape of my life. Even as a two sport athlete in college, I was never in better shape than I am today, and I owe it all to Jonas! Jonas customizes your workouts to fit the look that you are going for; with his non-stop circuit training you will begin to see noticeable results within one month. I highly recommend Phyt Condition to anyone any age looking to get in shape.

Bryan Messer,
Commodities Trader

Training with Jonas has transformed not just my physique but also my mind and focus. Each workout pushes me physically and mentally to new levels. Jonas has continuously adapted my training to meet my goals whether they be fat loss, muscular development, endurance or conditioning. Each workout is a challenge but the results are unquestionable.

David Caruso,
Advertising Executive

I've been athletic since my childhood but had never been able to find a workout regimen that kept me challenged without being repetitive. That all changed when I started working out with Jonas. From free weights, to combat, to Phyt Conditioning, the workout is always changing and as a result, so is my body. I've never seen results like the ones I've experienced with Jonas and his team.

Howard S. Koh,
Partner, Meister Seelig & Fein LLP

Jonas Serrano has made me stronger, leaner and healthier, pushing me to achieve my best and never letting me settle for average. His workouts are always intense, but always fun. Anyone wishing to take their fitness to the next level should work with Jonas.

Helen Jurado,
Regional Sales Director, BBC Worldwide

For over 2 years, I have been extremely fortunate to have Jonas Serrano be my personal trainer, mentor, and motivator. His training techniques have successfully broken down mental barriers that I had created in the past, holding me back from achieving my goals in the gym. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of euphoria I experience after a mentally/physically challenging workout session with Jonas. I have trained with other highly qualified/excellent trainers, but none of them have been able to achieve the results I have achieved by working out with Jonas. It is rare to find a trainer who understands the various female body types and create a workout that actually works. My training sessions with Jonas are priceless!